Welcome to Northern Drishti

My name is Mel, I come from the North East of England. A Northern lass who no matter how far I wander from home always has part of the north in my heart. Drishti is a sanskrit word meaning focused intention or focused gaze, your focal point in your asana. Yoga in general has helped my find my drishti off the mat as well as on it.

 I am a RYT200 yoga teacher in Yin, Vinyasa, Hatha and Restorative Yoga. I love to teach Vin Yin style yoga, the best of both in one class. In my mind there is nothing better than a good core work out followed by some deep Yin stretching. That way I can leave everything there on the mat when I am done.

I am a certified Kidding Around Yoga teacher as well as holding my 95Hr advanced children’s yoga teacher certification. I am registered with yoga alliance as a RCYT. Children’s yoga is the best! It is an awesome job to help little yogis find their way to asana, mindfulness and meditation. It is a gift that will help them for the rest of their lives.

I find peace in meditation, it has helped me soothe my not always calm mind! There is so much to learn about meditation, so many types to explore. I hope I can help others find something that works for them. I am not a perfect Yogi. There is no such thing as a perfect yogi! Sometimes the internet can make it feel as though yoga is an unattainable place of perfect instagram feeds with photos of slimline yogis twisting themselves into pretzels. I sometimes fall on face from my crow pose and more often than not use a wall to do a handstand. I would love to do the splits, my pelvis does not agree with me. None of that matters. Yoga is more than asanas. The strength and fitness I get from yoga is great but its the benefits to my mental health that brings me back to my mat time and time again. I love that yoga and meditation can be adapted and made accessible for everyone. 

I have been extremely lucky to have amazing teachers on my yoga journey. Angi Solley from Angi Bright Yoga who supported me and helped me believe that I had something to offer to others and the fabulous Leah Sugerman from Nomad Yoga school. I did my YTT200 training with Leah and I will never be able to thank her enough for the support, encouragement and empowerment she has given me even after my training with her ended.

I believe there is a form of yoga out there waiting to be found by you, I hope I can help you find it.